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Name:Amber Leigh
Nickname:Am, Ambs, Amba
Age: 15
Location: Ghettoville Memphis, Tn lol
Fav. music: I love christian music and Simple Plan, Relient K, The Beatles<what can i say? im a dork>, Tim Mcgraw, Martina Mcbride, Lonestar, Nickelback,
Fav. movies: I LOVE Man On Fire, The Day After Tomorrow, Napolean Dynamite, Finding Nemo, 50 first dates

...on the right the middle..i smiled too big..looked too happy!

..same striped shirt holdin the rose up..

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go to a diff. community on my lj info and apply, this one isnt EVER active, no one will judge u on it. this is a bad comm. to apply for lol